Kim Banting, CHNP

Hi! My name is Kim Banting and I am a Holistic Nutritionist.  I have created an amazing program to help busy, stressed out women who are struggling with a lack of energy, who are overwhelmed and feel like they are running in circles every day.  I coach them through the steps to regaining energy and having more control over their lives.

Many years ago, when I was working as a personal chef, I had a client who was trying to figure out his food sensitivities with the help of a nutritionist.  He had been to several doctors and had dozens of tests done, which all came back showing him to be in perfect health even though he had severe digestive problems, he wasn’t sleeping, his whole body was swollen and puffy, he had no energy and felt just awful!  While we worked together, I watched his health transform and I was really intrigued.  Before meeting this client, I had always thought of food as something to be enjoyed with friends, at social gatherings, for comfort and pleasure.  I had not considered its impact on our health, beyond contributing to diabetes, obesity or heart disease.

Right then, I knew I needed to learn more about Holistic Nutrition.  I loved my journey through school.  I was my own guinea pig and tried the things I was learning on myself.  I had suffered for years from depression and anxiety, acne, constipation, diarrhea, PMS, mood swings, heart palpitations and extreme exhaustion.  After my first 30-day detox, all of my symptoms were gone!  For real!  I had so much energy!  I woke up every day joyful and excited to start my day.  I no longer felt resentment from the little details of life and caring for my family.

Since then, I have had the pleasure of helping many men, women and children of all ages find a better way to eat and live. However, my real passion lies with helping women like me.  Women who want a career, a family, time with their friends, a social life, time to volunteer, travel and have a deep, rewarding, fulfilling life!  Women who often feel like they are caught in a vicious cycle of work, caring for others and more work!

I know that many women are experiencing the same symptoms that I was feeling.  What I have come to understand very well is that all of these symptoms are the result of hormones out of balance.  For me, it was because of long term, unrelenting stress in my life.  The stress was really wearing me down and I was just feeling crappy all of the time.  All of the symptoms just crept in gradually and I didn’t recognize them for what they were at the time.  Not until I began to heal and reclaim my youth and vitality, did I see how everything had come together:  feeling stressed, not being in control of my life, not getting enough sleep, using caffeine to stay awake and alcohol to relax, poor food choices because of cravings and just not having the energy to cook better food, feeling so depressed that I stopped trying to make good choices.  It just went on and on.

That is why I have developed a program to help stressed out women bring their hormones into balance and reclaim their energy! Our hormones are involved in every body function and when they are in balance, we feel calm, happy, energized and grounded.  When they are out of balance we feel miserable and like we may just be going crazy!

I have a lot of diet and lifestyle tools in my tool box that I use to coach my clients through the steps to reclaim their best state of health.  I help women understand how they came to feel the way they do and what they can do about it.  I teach which foods rob your energy, which foods will boost you up and help you feel amazing, how to manage your stress and the role that your hormones and supporting body systems play in how well you sleep and how you are feeling.

Health, happiness and miracles,

- Kim Banting -