Can One Food Really Be a Secret For Weight Loss?

By Kim Banting,

We often wonder if there is a magic bullet for weight loss. The short answer is no. However, research is discovering some fascinating pieces of information, and one food that may help is kimchi.  I know I go on and on about probiotics and eating fermented foods and prebiotic foods, but there is a really good reason for my ramblings!

So, what’s the big deal about kimchi? A recent study featured 22 obese participants. The study divided them into two groups with each adding either fresh kimchi or fermented kimchi to their diet for two weeks and then switching with a two-week washout period in between.

The fermented group showed a significant decrease in waist-to-hip ratio and percentage of body fat as well as significant improvements in symptoms of metabolic syndrome such as fasting blood glucose, blood pressure and total cholesterol.

What is most interesting is that both groups lost weight and saw improvements. So, the ingredients in kimchi were playing a role. (Napa cabbage, Daikon radish, garlic, ginger and scallions are all foods that have a big impact on gut health, liver health, detoxification and hormones.)  It was just more significant when they consumed the fermented kimchi, meaning the process of fermentation turned good foods into super foods.  When you properly ferment the ingredients in kimchi, they produce lactic acid bacterial strains that have been shown to have far reaching health benefits and these good bacteria increase the functionality of the foods being fermented, meaning that they will help even more health issues! Kimchi research has shown kimchi to be anticancer, anti-obesity, anti-constipation, beneficial to colorectal health problems, helpful in reducing cholesterol, having a fibrolytic effect, an antioxidant, having antiaging properties, promoting brain health, immune health and skin health.

So many reasons to consume kimchi on a regular basis. However, if you are trying to lose weight you may want to add it to your regimen every day to help you reach your goal.

Remember that kimchi is also good for gut health and optimal gut health has also been shown to aid weight loss and decrease cravings. If the flavour of kimchi is too strong for you, then consume it with something bland like rice.


Health and Happiness,

Kim Banting