Balancing My Hormones Changed My Life!

By Kim Banting,

I want to tell you all why my Healthy Hormone program is so important to me.

I began my journey to better health about 10 years ago.  When I started studying nutrition in 2007, I suffered from chronic pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, heart palpitations, acne, diarrhea, constipation, PMS, mood swings (just ask my husband!) and  extreme exhaustion.  The funny thing is,  in spite of all of my above issues, I thought I was in great health!  LOL!  I went to the gym every day and was in great physical shape.  I cooked all of my meals from scratch, even though I later learned that they weren’t always very healthy… so, before I started learning about nutrition and what a healthy body looks and feels like, I thought I was doing well, just because I was thin and muscular.

Isn’t that  a common misconception?  I looked great on the outside, but inside I felt like I was falling apart.

Moving forward in school, I was my own guinea pig and tried all of the new things I was learning on myself.  I did my first detox and ate clean for 30 days and I can’t tell you how incredibly it changed my life!  Every issue (except the neck pain) that I had went away.  Just like that!  It was such a powerful experience!  I slept soundly each night and woke up in the morning feeling rested and excited about starting my day.  I continued to exercise daily and started to take joy in my routine!  It was amazing.

I had cleaned out my liver and colon and helped my entire digestive system to function more efficiently.  I thought this was the extent to what I had accomplished.  At the time, I had ignored the level of stress I had been suffering and didn’t see the connection to the above health issues.  Now, after practicing nutrition for 10 years, I understand how much of an impact our adrenal glands have on our overall health!  My detox had helped a lot, but slowly, over the course of few years, some of my issues began to creep back into my life:  depression and anxiety first, then I couldn’t sleep and my pain got worse and would often flare up to a point where I couldn’t perform normal activities.

I knew that I had to get a grip on my stress management!  I began to focus on stress and it’s affect on the body.  Where I really got curious was when I realized that the adrenal glands have the ability to over-ride the pituitary and create cortisol at the expense of other hormones!  Your adrenal glands have the job of protecting your body at all costs.  Your adrenals don’t know the difference between being hit by a car or being yelled at by your boss, or running late for work.  It’s all the same, and so, cortisol is being made to keep you going through these times of stress.  This disrupts not only your hormonal system, but also other body systems, like your digestion and nervous system.

Did you know that when women go through menopause and our ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone, our adrenal glands are tasked with picking up the slack?  Imagine if you have lived most of your adult life in a state of stress and are now beginning to feel run down, exhausted and depressed or maybe you don’t sleep well or have been steadily gaining weight in the midsection?  Are your adrenals up to this task?  The closer we get to our transition time into menopause, the more we are going to feel these effects and the more uncomfortable our experience of menopause will be.  Now is the time to help our bodies heal and build so that we can go through our transition with grace!

We do not have to suffer.  Women of other cultures that live a more natural lifestyle barley notice their change and they sometimes don’t arrive at menopause until 60 years old!  This tells me that it is possible to have a good experience.

I am making it my mission to share my journey with other women like me.  I want to help you to feel like the amazing women you are!

Health, happiness and miracles,