My Philosophy

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I believe it is an absolute truth that to acheive true health, we must reconnect with our place in the universe.  We must have a spiritual understanding of why everything was created as it was.

From the beginning, we were provided with everything we required to not only survive, but to THRIVE!  We didn’t have factories or grocery stores, but we were able to feed ourselves.  We didn’t have gym memberships and knew nothing of counting calories or balancing grams of protein, fat and carbohydrates, yet we maintained healthy weight.  We didn’t concern ourselves with trying to get enough calcium to keep bones strong, yet our ancestors didn’t suffer from osteoporosis.  So, the question remains… why, with all of our technology and vast knowledge of maintaining good health are we suffering from an epidemic of health crisises?  Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, depression, anxiety, ADHD, chronic fatigue syndrome…the list goes on and on.  What is different?  Why, in spite of having more food than we can eat are we North Americans some of the most malnourished people in the world?  Why, with advanced medicine at our disposal are those of us living in Westernized societies the sickest with the greatest risk of death from lifestyle diseases?

I am not alone in believing that we have truly lost our way by redirecting our focus from living in harmony with nature to relying on the conveniences of modern society.  This unsustainable way of living is not only harmful to ourselves, but also to our home.  We have dangerously depleted our precious resources and damaged our air, water and soil so that the food we do grow is contaminated with harmful chemicals that are contributing to our poor health.  The average person does not even eat enough fresh foods, but chooses instead to eat packaged foods that are not only devoid of nutrition, but are full of chemical additives and preservatives that greatly impact our body’s ability to function effeciently.  When you consider two people: one who consumes a diet of whole, organic plant foods and another who consumes a diet of mainly processed foods and large quantities of animal protein, no doubt you will notice a vast difference in mood and energy levels as well as a difference in their physical appearance and outlook on life.  These harmful foods create stress in the body and trigger changes in our genes leading to more stress.  It is known that stress genes, inflammation genes and insulin-resistant genes are turned on in people who eat the most refined carbohydrates.  Genes that improve insulin function and prevent cell death are turned on in people who consume plenty of whole foods.  The quality of the food and water we consume is of utmost importance and deserves to be revered.  “Frankenfoods” send the wrong information to body cells, turning on the stress response.  Not only do these foods stress our bodies, but there are now stress molecules in the food itself due to factory farming and the use of sythetic chemicals.  All living things, including plants have intelligence¹ and they react to the assaults they experience from genetic modification and spraying of toxic chemicals.  Food production today has little resemblance to its origins and it goes against the natural order of life.  Food picked before it is ripe and shipped long distances after being irradiated and heavily sprayed with petrochemicals does not bear the same nutrient value as plants grown on your own land, tended with love and respect and consumed at peak ripeness.  Animals from feedlots fed foods unnatural to their original diet so they muct also be treated with high doses of antibiotics to manage the bacterial growth in their unhealthy guts are creating similar disruptions in our own digestive tracts when we consume them, not to mention that by eating meat from these animals we are supporting this inhumane practice!

To believe that the food we have to choose from today is a wholesome substitute to what the Earth has to offer is foolish.  There is a divine plan in place which we move further and further away from with each advance in technology that doesn’t support our pristine origins!  All living matter in the universe is connected on a subatomic level, communicating through constant energy exchange.  Consciousness exists outside of our body in the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink, and it has the capacity to change physical matter, meaning that nature can heal us.  The quantum theories of Bohr, Heisenberg and others disturbed the foundation of Newtonian physics.  They suggested that matter at its most fundamental could not be divided into individual units and could not be fully described.  Things have no meaning in isolation: they only have meaning in a web of dynamic interrelationships!  These particles are influencing one another at a distance.  Subatomic particles are forever passing energy back and forth, and once two particles have been in contact with eachother, they continue to communicate over distances.  What that all means is that we are NOT separate from the Earth, the plants, the animals or the people around us.  We are literally all connected.


In health and happiness,


¹The Intention Experiment, Lynne McTaggart, 2007