The Best Supplements for Preventing Chronic Disease

By Kim Banting, Tags:

Take a look around. From cancer to diabetes, obesity to arthritis, chances are you already know someone with a chronic disease or health problem. Diseases that were once rare are suddenly all around us.

The root cause of most chronic health problems and disease is something called free radical damage. This damage occurs when our body is exposed to environmental and lifestyle stresses such as heavy metals, noxious chemicals and electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs), emotional stress, poor diet and lack of exercise.

How do we reduce the impact free radical damage has on our health? You’ve heard it before – manage your stress, exercise, get enough sleep and eat nutritious, wholesome fresh food so our bodies can detoxify and handle the free radical damage. The problem is even if we make a conscious effort to eat well, we may be far from hitting the mark for optimal nutrition.

Just how nutritious is our food? Sadly- just when we need it most- the quality of our food has deteriorated. Store shelves are filled with “enriched” or “fortified” foods – a feeble attempt to make over processed, impoverished food nutritious. Most of the fresh fruit and vegetables available are grown in soil depleted of vital nutrients and may contain traces of chemical fertilizers and pesticide residue.

Buying organic produce certainly helps reduce your exposure to harmful toxins. But, even organic fresh fruits and vegetables may have lost up to 50% of their nutritional value by the time they reach your table. Then cooking depletes even more nutrients!

The result – more than 90% of North Americans are deficient in 1 or more nutrients. This is malnourishment! Ironically, obese people are some of the most malnourished in the world. Allergies, asthma, depression, diabetes, fatigue, ADD, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, cancer, muscle aches and pains, PMS are all warning signs of nutritional deficiencies.

4 Essential supplements to help combat free radical damage

Ideally, we should get as much nutrition as we can from high-quality, whole foods. But – with our hectic lives and the quality of food available in our stores – it can be a real challenge to get the superior nutrition we need to stay healthy.

Protect yourself with the following power packed supplements.

  1. A good quality multivitamin/mineral supplement: Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, a good multi-vitamin will help close the nutritional gap between what Mother Nature intended and what is in our grocery stores.Please don’t buy the cheapest you can find – you get what you pay for! Cheap vitamins can contain lead and other harmful substances. Also be wary of one a day formulas, it isn’t possible to combine the wide range of nutrients in their proper ratios into 1 tablet—it would be the size of a golf ball! Go to a reputable health food store and ask knowledgeable staff for assistance.
  2. Omega 3 & 6 Essential Fatty Acids: Essential fatty acids are necessary to build healthy cell membranes. Because our bodies cannot manufacture EFAs we need to make sure we get enough in our diet. If we don’t supply quality fats, our body has to make due with what is available. Remember, saturated fats are hard at room temperature…omegas are liquid!The easiest way is to supplement with a good quality fish oil, flax see oil or primrose oil. Be sure to find a supplement that contains including GLA, ALA, DHA and EPA which are generally lacking in the typical North American diet. When choosing a fish oil, be sure to check it’s safety rating for heavy metal toxicity. A reputable company will have 3rd party testing done to assure quality.
  3. Probiotics: We all need some good bacteria in our guts to help digest and use all these wonderful nutrients as well as keeping the bad guys in check to promote immunity. Did you know more than 80% of your immune system is directly connected to the digestive tract!Taking kefir (fermented milk) or a probiotic supplement will do this job. Yogurt is not the best source of probiotic cultures simply because pasteurizing kills the microbes. Good probiotics will be stored in the refrigerator at your health food store.
  4. Vitamin C: Finally, Vitamin C! A true powerhouse that has the ability to neutralize free radicals, help assimilate iron and manufacture hemoglobin, protects against viral and bacterial infections, and this list goes on. The hype about which form to take is just hype unless you have a hypersensitive digestive system or an ulcer is present, then take a buffered form called Ester-C.

Always take your supplements with meals unless otherwise specified, it is easier on the stomach and ensures better absorption.